Welcome to ChildFund International

The new ChildFund International sign greets visitors to our International Office in Richmond, Va.

The new ChildFund International sign greets visitors to our International Office just off Interstate 64 in Richmond, Va.

By Anne Lynam Goddard,
President and CEO

For more than 70 years, our organization has helped millions of deprived, excluded and vulnerable children improve their lives. Today we help more than 15 million children in 31 countries around the world.

As our reach and our success have grown, affiliated organizations have grown up around ours, adopting our model and adhering to rigorous standards. These other 11 partner organizations, which we call the ChildFund Alliance, have broadened our work into 55 countries.

And our work is more critical than ever. Because of the spreading global economic crisis it’s estimated that up to 53 million more people will fall into poverty in developing countries this year. That’s the equivalent of the combined populations of California and Florida.

Today we officially roll out a new name and brand to continue to pursue our mission of service to the world’s children. Today our name change from Christian Children’s Fund to ChildFund International becomes official.

While we are making changes, it is important to note the things that will remain the same:

  • We believe the well-being of all children leads to the well-being of the world.
  • We believe that if we can help children thrive throughout all stages of life they will become leaders of enduring change.
  • We believe proud past is a prologue. The work we have done is just the beginning of the work we have yet to do.

For more information on our changes, please visit our Web site at www.ChildFund.org. We hope you’ll join us for the next 70 years.

33 responses to “Welcome to ChildFund International

  1. Tetty Herawati

    I learned from this blog on Facebook that Christian Children’s Fund is now called ChildFund! I am happy about this. I worked at CCF Indonesia for 28 years (1978-2006) and am retired now. For Indonesia I think the name ChildFund is more acceptable by the community. The Christian sponsors already show having a good religion by caring the poor from other religions, and it already glorifies Jesus/God’s name.

  2. ChildFund International

    ChildFund has served children and families in the U.S. since 1952. Many children living in severely impoverished communities in the United States can’t read. Often, they drop out of school before graduation. Keeping children in school is the first step toward improving their opportunities in life, but we know that the same strategy will not work for every child in every part of the country. That’s why we’ve partnered with local organizations in Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas to tailor our programs to the particular children in those areas and their specific needs.

  3. You are doing a good job but what about the children here in the United States, there are a lot of poor children here, why don’t we take care of our own first instead of always giving to these third world countries who never get anywhere because their governments do not care about there people but we Americans always give above and beyond, this is no longer good enough, Americans and their children should come first.

  4. Psalm 127
    Unless the LORD builds the house,
    its builders labor in vain.
    Unless the LORD watches over the city,
    the watchmen stand guard in vain.
    In vain you rise early
    and stay up late,
    toiling for food to eat—
    for he grants sleep to [a] those he loves.
    Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
    children a reward from him.

  5. Dear Anne ,Can you explain how ACSI helps you do your work around the world?Do they charge for their services?When did they begin to provide you with information in regards “Customer”satisfaction?Who are your customers?What are your plans for the next 70 years?How can we explain the apparant failure of our efforts over the prior 70 years in regards the material condition of the world’s poor,particularly the children?John Clune

  6. Your responses are as recently disengeneous.We alwayes supported efforts to help children of all faiths or no faith.What does that have to do with the name of the organization?We are Christians and our actions are guided by our Christian orientation.Why do you feel that it is necessary to obscure that connection in order for us to be more effective in the world?why does the removal of the word “Christian” enhance our ability to do works of charity?Who ever suggested to you that our contributions where restricted in any way or based on anything but unconditional love?
    I believe most of us understand the impulse to avoid being scapegoated but in the end denying Christ is not the answer as the Bible so clearly points out. John Clune

  7. ChildFund International

    Thank you for sharing your concerns. Our name change allows us to serve more children because of our alignment with the ChildFund Alliance. As part of the ChildFund Alliance, we are able to reach out and assist children in more than 50 countries. Our new name demonstrates our global reach and how our organization is prepared and willing to help all children, regardless of their religious affiliation.

  8. KATHY =( ^-^ )=

    Political correctness has led to this.And trying to get money from other people around the country. However if you have to change the name,then you are truely hiding something. These kids need more than just money,and it is sad that we all have to be politically correct.That is what now is ruining this country. Allowing religions freely express a religion that does harm to others is what is going on now in this country,that should NOT be tolerated,BUT it is.It is bad enough we have a GODLESS President that does not support ISRAEL.. You are now just another organization with your hand out…Alot of long time supporters DO want you to give out the message of Jesus through their contributions. And if you don’t do that,then you have been misleading your donors,and you are no better than the Politicians. Are you ashamed of JESUS? I’m just sayin…

  9. As soon as you take God out of things, You are bound and set to fail- Just like the school system- just like America.

    This was the one organization i trusted and cared for…And now…well…i just dont know.

    God has helped you with this endeavor nonstop…And this is how you repay him, by turning your back on him.

    If your ashamed of Jesus, of GOD, he will be ashamed of you…

    And you had no right using a CHRISTIAN song as your theme song for the commercial, you changed the lyrics into something non-christian, just as you took God out of your name…. That is very concerning to me…

  10. I think it is a good thing that Christian Children changed its name to ChildFund, because the name Christian Children gives the impression that they only help Christian children, not others, even if help is required more by them. ChildFund support children from all over the world, many of which are not Christians. It would be very culturally insensitive for ChildFund to be pushing religiouns on families that already have a faith.

    Thank you ChildFund, for choosing aid over religion.

  11. Cathy Betancourt

    I would like to know the name of the song and the band that sings on your television commercial. It is beautiful and I would like to buy the CD. Have you thought about selling it on your website? That song really got to me. Normally I just change the channel when commercials come on. Now I always listen to your commercial trying to hear all the words to that song. You have a winner with that commercial!!

  12. Dear Ms. White,

    I respect and understand your position.

    Though I am disapointed that you appear to have missed the point made by so many others here. Sometimes the difficult explantions are the ones that matter most, made to people who most need to hear. There is no shame in being a Christian, though there are those out there who try to make some feel that way. It is very easy to be secular. I suspect that many of those who comment here already support their respective religious charities endorsed by their churches. The CCF used to be one of them.

    The point is that by changing the name to make things ‘easier’ is to deny the need for Christ in our lives today.

    You are correct in suggesting that true Christians will continue to give and that true Christians do not look at the heart of the giver.

    No, I think the comments tendered here for the most part, thus far, are suggesting that the CCF has decided to take the easier, softer route by changing its name to CFI. Ms. Goddard has explained why the decision was made. I respect her decision as being a thoughtful one. That does not mean I have to agree with it.

    Peter denied Christ three times. Maybe I would have too. I would hope not.

    I do not believe that anyone who has taken the time to comment here has done so with any malice or disrespect. Rather we write only to register a certain amount of saddness that another Christian organisation has taken another step down the slippery slope of progressive secularation. Pretty soon there will be Christian churches removing the cross from its steeple for fear it may cause distress amongst non-Christians. Then, there will be the need to remove God from schools and do away with school prayers. Oh. Wait. That happened some 30+ years ago. Where will we be 30 years from now? 50? Should we proclaim our faith only in catacombs? Or profess it where we may, by not fearing the snicker or sneer of the elitists that are too good for God.

    I hope you do not feel I am disrespecting you, or anyone else. That is not my purpose or intent. This is my opinion and I only wanted to be clear that I have heard little whining here, only the soft footsteps of secular encroachment upon Christianity.

    Most Humbly,
    Tom Donley
    Lincolnshire, England

  13. Carole White

    Dear present sponsors,
    I am deeply disappointed at the tone represented in the “comments” regarding the name change post. My religion is deeply personal and I do not find it necessary to discuss it’s virtues with others. If asked, I will gladly share. So what I prefer to support, as in ChildFund or any group providing relief and education for the most vulnerable among us…children, should provide the best use of my dollars and credibility with helping and focusing on their mission, not pay homage to MY religious beliefs. A true Christian looks at the good and the spirit in which the gift was given, not in demanding answers or lecturing the giver. I, for one, am pleased at the name change because I live in a very pluralistic region and it was difficult describing the organization’s good works without having to explain the name of CCF and it’s true mission. As usual, I will continue to support the new CCF as ChildFund, as I have the last 20 years. I suggest that those that want a religious message be sent with their good works, work through their church, as I’m sure your congregation sponsors many worthwhile programs.
    Carole White
    Chicago, IL

  14. Orlando A Ciniglio

    obviously that was ends not justify the means..

  15. Orlando A Ciniglio

    I for one believe that the means do not justify the ends. This removing of Christ from your organization’s name comes across as an artifice to help attract more contributions from the purely secular or anti-christian components of the population. Although the ends (allegedly to increase the contributions to help the poor children) are a noble objective in themselves, achieving them at the cost of glorifying some human institution rather than Christ, our Lord, is unacceptable to me.
    Furthermore I was not aware that evangelization was not part of the CCF portfolio. If I had known before, I have contributed to CCCF for at least 10 years if not more, I would never have contributed in the first place. But now that I know and after this last name change you can kiss my $-contribution goodbye.
    My contributions will go to an organization that puts His name before the worldly interests.

  16. Keith Kombrinck

    I’ve been a contributor now for 25 years and will probably continue to be, but am disappointed with the name change.

    I can see how religion sometimes excludes those of other faiths and even may engender prejudice and hatred, but present day christianity seems to emphasize the opposite. It embraces tolerance of other religions while supporting positive christian values.

    I wonder if changing the name reduces the organization’s commitment to christian values. There is some truth to the saying “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”.

  17. Wow…I just learned today that Christian childrens fund is now called Child Fund!

    I must say that I’m disappointed yet not really surprised. The name of Jesus Christ is vilified everywhere you turn in the world today!

    I wasn’t aware that CCF didn’t evangelize in over thirty years, but when I started sponsoring children through CCF over twenty years ago it was because of a T.V. commercial I saw where a humble (I guess) Christian man was begging in the name of Christ that these children needed our help!

    Jesus said, “if someone asks for your shirt, give him your coat also”, I will continue as long as God blesses me to do this regardless of your name.

    I will also continue to pray for your organization.


    Jim Gallagher
    Naples, FL

  18. Kathryn Palmer

    I am totally upset and disappointed that you changed the name of the organization to something that does not reflect that it is Christian based. Is this another acquiesce to be politically correct? What secular groups are we caving in to this time? I am not suggesting that we do not serve children of all faiths, only that we acknowledge the God that we serve.

  19. Dear Ms. Goddard,

    I am deeply saddened by the continued secularizing of this fine organization. I must agree with many of the sentiments already registered before me that the name change seems to be for political purposes. I have been supporting this organisation for longer than I can remember. I suppose for the sake of my current child I will continue to do so. However, even though you say that the organization has not evangalized for over 30 years, the CCF banner at least provided good works to all who were needy under THAT brand and by subtle inference, made clear that Christian good works were being provided without prejudice to any creed or race. Now, with the new brand absent any reference to our creator and Christian values at all, we lose the little extra message that we still care about our core values as learned in our Christian faith.

    Please do not misunderstand me, I’m not saying the values have changed…yet…but I am saying that this next step away from the outright acknowledgement of Christian values, de-values all of our spirits and in the long run will continue to diminish our humanity.

    I will seek other outlets that more closely reflect my own Christian spirit in the future, for I fear that this new Child Fund brand has just taken another step down the slippery slope of progressive secularism. A ride I choose not to take and would encourage others to avoid.

    Tom Donley
    Lincolnshire, England

  20. C. Richardson

    I was mislead by the name “Christian Children’s Fund.” I assumed that these children I help support were being taught the word of God. I am happy to say that I help needy children. However, I want to make an ETERNAL difference. I am praying that I have wisdom and know what to do. I don’t want these children to suffer, but I am considering removing my sponsorship and supporting a true Christian organization, such as Compassion International.

  21. I think it is clear that there must have been a debate among the directors in regards the need to change the name after so many years.One wonders why the reason for such a decision cannot be described clearly.Understanding the reason is probably important to all who wish to continue to support the organization’s efforts.The organization is certainly free to make such decisions ,but transparency is probably desirable.

  22. Stephen Jackson

    I must agree with Ms. Jenkins and many others who have posted here. Taking Christ’s inspiring and Holy name out of the title of the organization is a great disappointment. If you are ashamed of Jesus, he will be ashamed of you. I would not abandon the children I have sponsored, however I am with Mr. Manasco in wondering if I should seek out a Church-based service organization with which to continue these cheritable works. I will be prayerfully considering it.

  23. Diane W. Jenkins

    I have to acknowledge that your work is offered to all children and good comes out of it. I also have to acknowledge my disappointment over the change of name. Taking Christ’s name out of your organization is like not recognizing how Christ’s energy and blessings have assisted your organization’s advancements over these many years. I have sponsored children for decades with the belief that it assists children to see Christ’s Light and Teachings in Action, even if it is only the reading of Christ’s name in the title, Christian Children’s Fund. I am sorry you chose to change the name. Although I intend to continue to sponsor my current Christian children’s fund child for her sake, I will seriously pray for whether or not to continue supporting Child Fund International in the future.

  24. Hey Roy – What would Jesus do? He’d be ashamed at people so worried about taking Christian out of their name. This organization is helping millions of children out of poverty each year, and they’re helping people of all religions. Read those comments (you know, they haven’t evangelized for 30 yrs.) and visit their Web site and you’d know that.

  25. Roy Manasco

    Your quote;
    The new name is not about removing Christian from our name, but rather about reflecting the true breadth and international scope of our work.
    My question is… WHY did your organization feel it neccessary to remove the word “Christian” from the name of the organization? Is God or Christ no longer a factor in the teachings within the organization?
    Are you, like other organizations, trying to be “politically correct” by removing God or Jesus Christ from your teachings?
    If you cannot give to me a straight answer for the reason WHY Christian was taken out of the name of the organization I have supported for the last 4 years, I might have to look to stay with a true Christian organization who won’t let themselves be bullied or pressured into turning their backs on the one and only God that made Christian Children’s Fund such a success for so many years.
    I will pray for your organiztion that God will not turn his back on you also.

  26. Roy Manasco

    I would like to know the REASON that the name was changed to Childfund International.
    How about a STRAIGHT ANSWER

  27. ChildFund International

    Thank you for all the comments. Our organization has not made evangelizing part of its work for more than 30 years – we always have and always will serve children of all faiths. We encourage you to visit our Web site – http://www.ChildFund.org – for details on our changes and to see the work that we do to help deprived, excluded and vulnerable children around the world.

  28. C. Richardson

    Do you still teach the children about God or is the name change an indication of the removal of religion?

  29. Dan Herbison

    Just what exactly can you do as “ChildFun” that you could not do as “Christian Children’s Fund?

    I think your donors deserve a straight answer?

  30. ChildFund International

    John – Thanks for the question. We changed our name because children in today’s world need help more than ever. Our new name allows us to work more closely with partners – we are a founding member of the ChildFund Alliance, a group of 12 organizations that help broaden our reach to 55 countries around the world. With the changes we are making, one thing is not changing – our commitment the children living in poverty around the world. For more information, please visit our Web site at http://www.ChildFund.org.

  31. John Clune

    Why did you change the name of your organization.

  32. Love the new blog and the new Web site!

  33. Priya Ramesh

    Loved your office in Richmond. The paintings on the wall from kids across the world give you a glimpse of their lives. I am sponsoring a 5-year old girl from Kenya. Her name is Winnie. Look forward to becoming a ChildFund ambassador!

    You are doing great work to make a difference in the lives of under privileged kids.