Follow Us on Twitter, Help the World’s Children

Follow us on Twitter and you can make the difference in the lives of children. Really. It’s that simple.

To celebrate our new name and our commitment to children, we’re giving agriculture gifts from our Gifts of Love and Hope catalog to children and families for every 200 Twitter followers we receive. Twitter

These efforts will directly benefit children in The Gambia, Zambia, Kenya and Ethiopia. There is no cap on followers, and the offer will continue through July 27. Each country has different needs so the gifts vary:

• Chickens for a school in The Gambia
• A goat for a family farm in Zambia
• Mango trees in Kenya
• Vegetable seeds in Ethiopia

As part of the effort, ChildFund International is sending Flip video cameras to program offices in each of the four countries to report back. We’ll share the recipients’ stories and photos with you. We want to share how your efforts and these items benefit children and their communities. It is also a commitment not to simply promote, but to continue an accountable dialog with our supporters.

So come follow us. Tell your friends. Tell your friends’ friends. By simply following @ChildFund we can all make a difference in a child’s life.

5 responses to “Follow Us on Twitter, Help the World’s Children

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  2. ChildFund International

    Ria – Please call us at 1-800-776-6767 and someone can help you out.

  3. How do i help a child if i don’t have the credit cards in the options provided?

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  5. ChildFund International

    We want to let you know that current ChildFund donors are funding our Twitter campaign. We have reached out to donors who have said they will help. This is above the amount they usually give. The Twitter campaign isn’t about raising money. It’s about raising awareness of the work that we do for deprived, excluded and vulnerable children in the 31 countries where we work. We wanted followers to see firsthand how the money can make a difference. So as we reach the thresholds we’ll purchase the items and then send them to the countries. We’ll get photos and videos and share the stories of those who received the gifts. For those who are following us, thank you so much for your help!