Giving Children Homes

31 in 31In Belarus, thousands of children are orphaned or lack parental care. Since 1993, ChildFund International has worked in that country to combat this problem through the Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children program.

The program operates in five communities and strives to reduce the number of institutionalized children by finding ways to return them to their families or live in alternative care structures. Another one of this program’s goals is to strengthen protective services and activities for these children so they feel secure.

Children are not the only ones who need our help. Parents also need guidance on proper childcare to create a healthy environment in which their children can grow up. By teaching parents clear, sound guidelines for parenting as well as nonviolent conflict resolution, we help them develop a foundation of discipline and respect within their families. Parents are also able to take classes on reproductive health and child abuse prevention.

ChildFund recognizes that children are critical to social change in Belarus. We support public schools that use programs such as life skills education, social interactive theater and youth volunteer activities to develop children’s ability to create social change.

We also help children build their social and leadership skills by empowering them to design and implement their own programs to help other children. These peer-to-peer programs are used in schools, hospitals, prisons and for children with disabilities.

To learn more about our work in Belarus, click here.

More on Belarus
Population: 9.6 million
ChildFund beneficiaries: More than 110,000 children and families
Did You Know?: Through 2005, about a fifth of Belarusian land continues to be affected by radiation fallout from neighboring Ukraine’s 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

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