Never Give Up on Sponsorship

As our blog series visits Mexico today, one of our staff members tells the story of how one woman never gave up on sponsoring a child.

By Adriana Villarreal Bernal
ChildFund Mexico

31 in 31I’ve always been told that in order to transcend or to make your life worthwhile you have to plant a tree, write a book or give life to a baby. I’ve worked for four years for ChildFund and I have realized that life is meaningful even if you haven’t done any of those three.

Let me share with you a story:

I recently went to a workshop to share ChildFund International’s work in Mexico. A woman participating at the workshop decided to sponsor a boy. After two weeks, the boy’s family decided to move to the United States hoping for better opportunities.

Still wanting to show her support to the organization, the woman then asked to sponsor another boy. Again, after two weeks, the boy’s family decided to move to the United States looking for more options in life.

I couldn’t believe it! The woman was terribly disappointed, but I persuaded her to sponsor another child. This time she sponsored a girl.

This girl had the exact same name as the woman’s daughter, who had passed away three months before. The woman took that as a sign to do more than sponsor a child. She decided to give her new sponsored girl the toys, the computer and all of the things that had belonged to her own daughter, as well as the money the family had saved for her college education.

These events moved me deeply, which made me think that life works in mysterious ways. You never know how or when you will be someone else’s life-changing opportunity.

For more information on our work in Mexico, click here.

More on Mexico:
Population: 111.2 million
ChildFund beneficiaries: More than 120,000 children and families
Did You Know?: At nearly 2,000 miles, the border between Mexico and the United States is the second-longest in the world. At No. 1 is the border between the United States and Canada.

* * *

To spice things up a bit, we thought we’d share a classic recipe from Mexico that we published in a calendar nearly 20 years ago.

Tlayudas Con Aciento
The tlayuda is simply an oversize tortilla. It is 12 inches in diameter. It resembles a tostada.

1 (or more) tlayudas
1 tbsp. aciento (bacon drippings)
Green or red hot sauce
Oaxaqueño cheese (Monterey Jack or any other you’d prefer)
Shredded lettuce or cabbage
Refried beans

Directions: Spread the tlayudas with the aciento, then with the refried beans. Then put on the hot sauce. Add melted or grated cheese. Heat in a greased pan on the top of your stove or grill. Top with lettuce or cabbage. Spanish rice can accompany the tlayudas.

What’s next: We pay a visit to Cambodia, ChildFund’s newest work site.

One response to “Never Give Up on Sponsorship

  1. I loved the story about never give up. I too sponsor a little girl in indonesia. I would love to send things like toys or clothes but i can’t because of customs. As soon as they say i can i would send her those things.