What a Journey

By Cynthia Price
Director of Communications

It’s been an incredible journey these past 31 days of October. We’ve traveled across three regions, several continents and visited 31 countries.31 in 31

We’re looking forward to “unpacking our bags” and taking a short breather before we return with more blogs about the ChildFund experience.

We hope that you have enjoyed the stories from the countries where we work and hearing from guest bloggers. Our photos and videos were our postcards —the best part is that they required no postage.

What’s great about the Internet era is that even when you are traveling you can still keep in touch. We loved reading your comments and hearing from you as well.

We hope that the past 31 days provided you with a better understanding of the work that ChildFund does and how your support and contributions make a difference. And for those who aren’t currently a supporter, we hope that the series sparked something in you to help change a child’s life.

I’d also like to thank David Hylton, who originated the idea for this series and put it together. You can think of him as our travel guide.

One response to “What a Journey

  1. Thanks for mentioning me! I’m so happy to have been a part of getting the series started and I think the final few blogs that I couldn’t quite get to were great. I hope everyone else enjoyed reading as well, and I also hope that everyone has a better understanding of what ChildFund International does for children around the world.