A Holiday Wish List from Children Served by ChildFund International

Flip through the pages of ChildFund International’s Gifts of Love and Hope catalog, and you’ll glimpse the hopes and dreams expressed by children in the 31 countries where we work — including the United States.

Here’s a sampling from the wish lists of vulnerable and excluded children who are anxiously waiting to see if their greatest needs are met.

2009 Wish List Items
soccer team kit for children in Mozambique
• one large pig for a family in Zambia
board game for a youth center in Zambia
• scholarship for the “Little Chef” nutrition program in the United States
water buffalo to help a family in Indonesia with the hard work of farming
• a well and hand pump for a community in Afghanistan (carrying water long distances makes children too tired to attend school)
mosquito net for children in India
pair of goats for a family in Ethiopia
set of beds and mattresses for family in Bolivia
learning and development toy kit for children in Brazil
• a cow for a family in Indonesia
five chickens with a pen for a family in Kenya
• 10 fruit tree seedlings for a family in Brazil
• a table and two chairs for a classroom in The Gambia
• supplies for a community garden in the United States
vegetable seeds and a watering can for a family in Timor-Leste
• a sewing machine for girls in Guinea
concrete floor for a family home in Mexico

Each gift you choose will be used exactly as described in the catalog. The gifts come in all shapes and sizes — and price ranges — and are a great way to become more familiar with the work ChildFund does.

Visit www.ChildFund.org/gifts for more ideas on how to make dreams come true this holiday season.

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