No Need to Get Up at 5 a.m. on Black Friday

Rather than rushing to the big-box store at o-dark-thirty the day after Thanksgiving, consider this alternative shopping scenario.

You sleep in (if you’re fortunate enough to be off work).

Later in the morning, as you sip your tea or coffee, you flip on your computer and start checking off your gift list.

A great place to start your shopping day is at ChildFund International’s Gifts of Love and Hope online catalog. The gifts are unique, and each comes with a guarantee that the item you select will be used exactly as described in the catalog—whether that’s to improve nutrition of young children or to provide learning and development toys for a school.

Healthy Environments
Malaria is still the number one killer of children under the age of five worldwide. Mosquito nets for children in India, Afghanistan and The Gambia will provide protection for sleeping children and prevent malaria. Nets range from $5 to $14.

Children Helping Children
One section of the catalog helps children learn to share with others less fortunate. From board games to book bags to toys, these gifts range from $4 to $15.

The 20 List
And be sure to check out ChildFund’s 20 gifts under $20. Among the most popular gifts in this category are chickens and ducks that will provide nutrition and generate income for families in poor communities.

Think Outside the Stocking
Innovate your stocking stuffers this year, and delight your friends and family with

  • a water buffalo to lighten a family’s load in Indonesia
  • a bicycle and repair kit for youth in the USA
  • a set of carpentry tools to help youth in Guinea gain economic independence
  • 10 fruit tree seedlings for families in Brazil
  • a well and hand pump for a community in Afghanistan.

There, your shopping is all done without ever having to fight for a parking space at the mall.

2 responses to “No Need to Get Up at 5 a.m. on Black Friday

  1. ChildFund International

    The name change is part of our strategy to align ourselves with ChildFund Alliance members — all of whom are working to help the world’s deprived, excluded and vulnerable children. In no way was the name change politically motivated. It is all about helping more children.

  2. I just found out that the name had been changed to ChildFund and the word Christian had been removed. That is your right to do so and I wish you well in serving children in need around the world. As in public education and in much of the public arena, Christ has been removed. It seems that political correctness has found it’s way to your doorstep. I have been a regular contributor for many years but with this most recent move by CCF, I will simply contribute the same amount monthly through my church mission program for the support of needy children which will minister to their spiritual as well as physical needs. I wish you much success and no ill will but I do wish to help spread the message of Christ around the world. I will be contacting your office in the next few days.