Helping the Cause in Afghanistan

by Jim Hake

Guest blogger Jim Hake is the founder of Spirit of America and author of the recently published book, “101 Ways to Help the Cause in Afghanistan,” which features ChildFund’s work in child care education in Afghanistan.

My organization, Spirit of America, has been active in helping the Afghan people and supporting American troops since 2003. We fulfill requests from Americans serving abroad for goods that will help local people. Our work is supported by individual American contributors.

Over the years, Spirit of America has provided everything from sandals and school supplies to sewing machines, irrigation equipment and farming tools. Our work improves relations and saves lives. Through this, I’ve seen that the involvement and support of so-called “everyday people” can make an extraordinary difference in Afghanistan.

I wrote “Help the Cause” because I know many Americans want to help in Afghanistan, but either don’t know what to do or don’t think they can make a real difference.

“101 Ways to Help the Cause in Afghanistan” describes meaningful ways everyone can get involved, regardless of political views. The book shows readers how they can help the Afghan people and increase the safety, well-being and success of our troops. It profiles the work of more than 65 nonprofit organizations, including ChildFund International, whose work is making a positive impact.

“Help the Cause” is about initiative, optimism and service. I would love for every American to find an organization or project that inspires them and get involved. Imagine what we could accomplish if every person, family, or classroom decided to help the cause in Afghanistan.

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