ChildFund Partners with CBM in Haiti

Given the chaos on the ground in Haiti, it is critical that organizations collaborate to meet the needs of vulnerable children.

Because ChildFund does not operate in Haiti, we are partnering with Christian Blind Mission (CBM), which has operated in Haiti for 30 years. This supports an established on-the-ground organization with staff and resources already in place to immediately begin addressing the needs of vulnerable children.

Hôpital de l'Université, Port-au-Prince/Haiti, after the earthquake. Photo: CBM/Zelenski

Funds provided to CBM through ChildFund will be earmarked specifically for children.

“ChildFund will use its vast experience on how best to meet the needs of children in crisis to ensure funds are used for child-focused efforts with great impact,” said Anne Lynam Goddard, president and CEO. “Having worked in emergencies, I know how critical it is to coordinate assistance to provide the greatest impact. We are not operating in Haiti but we are using our experience to partner with those on the ground to meet the needs of children.”

CBM is the world’s largest international nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life for the blind and people with disabilities. Funds raised by ChildFund will be used by CBM specifically to meet the needs of the most vulnerable – children with disabilities. CBM estimates that the number of injured children demanding hospital services because of the Haiti earthquake has increased tenfold.

Three of CBM’s projects in Port-au-Prince are dedicated to children. One, Grace Children’s Hospital, sustained damage. Patients are sleeping in the streets.

CBM has sent emergency relief specialists to assess needs, meet with partner agencies and determine immediate and long-term responses.

“Thanks to our partnerships with organizations such as ChildFund, our efforts will make sure that disabled children, often the most vulnerable after a crisis, aren’t at the back of the line for assistance,” said Ron Nabors, CEO of CBM-US.

We will provide periodic updates on the recovery efforts and rebuilding from our partners on the ground in Haiti.

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2 responses to “ChildFund Partners with CBM in Haiti

  1. Vonetta Bethea

    I would like to adopt or take care of a child. Someone please contact me so that I may receive additional information.

    • ChildFund International

      Thank you for your inquiry and concern for Haiti’s children. To clarify, ChildFund International is not an adoption agency; we are a sponsorship agency.

      We do not believe that international adoption should be the first response to helping protect and care for vulnerable children. It is difficult to determine whether children are truly orphaned in the wake of natural disasters. We believe the best thing is for children to stay rooted in their family, their community and their culture. If children are adopted out of country they would be separated from their families, further compounding the trauma they already are suffering. Adoption should be a last resort.

      In Haiti, we are partnering with CBM to support relief and recovery efforts. Although ChildFund does not currently have a child sponsorship program in Haiti, we work in 31 other countries where children are in need. If you are interested in child sponsorship information, please visit our web site ( or call our Donor Services department: 800-776-6767.