Children’s Safety and Well-Being Top Priority for ChildFund in Haiti

by Virginia Sowers
Community Manager

As the two-week mark passes since the devastating earthquake, I want to update you on ChildFund’s ongoing efforts to help vulnerable children in Haiti.

Because ChildFund does not operate in Haiti, we partnered with CBM, which has worked there for 30 years. We wanted to support an established on-the-ground organization with staff and resources in place to immediately begin addressing children’s needs.

CBM works primarily with children who have disabilities. Our two organizations are committed to aiding these survivors and addressing their long-term care after the immediate disaster is over. ChildFund is sending a member of its Disaster Management Team to Haiti to work closely with CBM as it assesses the children’s short- and long-term needs.

“The children of Haiti, unless they get help, they will have lost their childhoods, their innocence,” said Elisabeth Delatour Préval, Haiti’s first lady in an interview with The New York Times on Jan. 27.

Together, ChildFund and CBM will

  • Reach 1,200 children with disability or injuries through our initial work.

    Children in Port-au-Prince are in need of safe environments. Photo: CBM

  • Work to rebuild the collapsed School for Special Education, providing ongoing services to the children, who need support now more than ever.
  • Establish Child-Centered Spaces, which are central to ChildFund’s program approach to reaching out to children during crises when schools are not functioning. The Child-Centered Spaces provide a place for children to play and feel emotionally safe. Ultimately, we help children regain a sense of normalcy.
  • Train psychosocial volunteers, teachers and counselors, who will work with the children to talk about the effects the earthquake will have on their lives.

ChildFund International has a long history and steadfast reputation for working with children in crisis. Our donors expressed a strong desire to support Haiti. Your generosity is allowing ChildFund experts to deliver critically needed relief to children and their families in devastated areas.

If you would like to support ChildFund’s partnership with CBM in Haiti, click here. Contributions made no later than Feb. 28, 2010, can be deducted from 2009 tax returns.

One response to “Children’s Safety and Well-Being Top Priority for ChildFund in Haiti

  1. It is heartening to see so many organizations working together in the aftermath of this major disaster. Fifteen days after the earthquake a 17 year old university student was found alive in the rubble. And, businesses now operational are reaching out to help, like the dry cleaners who is giving back clothes free, knowing people have nothing left or the plant that is bottling water instead of beer becasue the need is so great.
    And, ChildFund, in partnership with CBM, knows from vast experience that giving children a safe place where they can talk about the trauma they experienced or relate it through drawings is an important step towards healing. And so, the recovery and rebuilding begins a day at a time!