Leadership Program Cause for Reflection, Growth

by Cynthia Price
Director of Communications

For the past week, 11 colleagues and I were immersed in building our leadership skills. It was a week of growth and getting to know each other in Bangkok, Thailand. We came from all of ChildFund’s regions, and one participant came from the ChildFund Alliance.

The Building Leaders Program (BLP) meant different things to each of us.

Participants in the Building Leaders Program

Billy Abimbilla of Liberia says the linkage among the Myers Brigg Type Indicator preferences, job placement and career planning was a wonderful eye opener. “BLP is a unique learning program with regard to its content and approach and offers flexible space for individual self-assessment and reflection abut the past, present and future,” he says.

“The BLP exceeded my expectations,” says Dennis O’Brien of the Philippines. “Not only did I learn more about myself and my learning style, but I got valuable and insightful feedback from the facilitators. But the impressions I leave the BLP with that are the strongest, are of the colleagues and fellow participants from around the ChildFund world. Some people I already knew, I got to know better, while some I met for the first time. Thanks to everyone for providing excellent perspective, ideas and experiences.”

And Julien Anseau of Thailand says, “For me, the BLP was about stepping out of my comfort zone, being stretched intellectually and emotionally, connecting with great people and choosing to be a leader.

“I want my leadership success to be measured by my legacy, by what I leave behind; real outcomes and the development of my people. I commit to becoming a student of leadership, being a leader in my professional and private life, and leveraging the investment made in me by developing other leaders in the organization.”

The ChildFund symbol

As for me, I am reenergized and recommitted to putting ChildFund on the map so that we help more children thrive. And that’s what BLP was about – helping each of us thrive so that collectively we can help the world’s children.

3 responses to “Leadership Program Cause for Reflection, Growth

  1. Thanks Renee. It was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to connecting with the alumni, including you!

  2. Bbiira Kiwanuka Nassa

    You are really doing great work of transforming societies in Africa

  3. Dear Cynthia,
    Thank you for sharing thoughts from BLP Thailand 2010. I am re-living my experience there last year as I read your blog- an amazing week to stretch ourselves, gain confidence, grow and spend time with wonderful colleagues! The best training session I have attended. Thanks to Nick, Di, Lesley and the training team. I am so happy you got to experience it! R