You Can Never Have too Many Friends around the Globe

by Virginia Sowers
ChildFund Community Manager

Six members of the ChildFund regional communications staff traveled last week from Panama, Mexico, Kenya, Ethiopia, Thailand and India to Richmond, Va., for a planning meeting with the communications staff at headquarters.

Many of us had never met face to face, having relied on e-mail, Skype and the occasional phone call to form our relationships. Yet, it quickly felt like a meeting of old friends.

You see, we’re all bound by the work of ChildFund and our commitment to telling the stories of children around the globe so that others will be moved to help.

For five days we pursued the answers to some tough questions. How does our team better support the organizational priorities of ChildFund at a time when resources are limited and the needs of children are so great?

How can we do our jobs better? How can we work faster and more efficiently? What will be our touchstones for the coming year? How will we measure our progress?

Many ideas coalesced following thoughtful sessions from ChildFund staffers leading the Area of Excellence, Disaster Response, Marketing, Business Development and Institutional Learning departments.

ChildFund communicators: (Back row) Sachal Aneja (India), Tenagne Mekonnen (Ethiopia), Cynthia Price (Richmond), Virginia Sowers (Richmond), Julien Anseau (Thailand), David Kang’ethe (Kenya), Cheri Dahl (Richmond). Front row: Monica Planas (Panama) and Adrianna Villarreal (Mexico)

We had great brainstorming sessions. We ran through flipchart pads and markers. We hit the wall. We had a break and bounced back. We worked hard. We joked and got better acquainted each evening over dinner.

It was an excellent week—we left with a plan of action for the coming year and the reassuring knowledge that we have friends in all the right places.

One response to “You Can Never Have too Many Friends around the Globe

  1. Yes, it was a great opportunity to learn, network and plan to make our Communications efficient and effective.

    An avenue to make new friends, exchange ideas and know about our priorities and expected outcomes…