Celebrating ChildFund’s Champions

Last night we celebrated that children in Zambia can sleep safely under a treated bed net no longer fearful of contracting malaria. They can lead healthy and secure lives.

Janie Norfleet, Charles Caravati, ChildFund board chairman, Maureen Massey, incoming board chair

We celebrated that children in Timor Leste no longer walk up to 40 minutes to reach a water source for potable water. Now they have time to attend school, obtaining an education and gaining confidence.

We celebrated that children globally are learning job skills, improving their opportunities for employment and enabling them to be involved in improving their lives and those of their families and communities.

We saluted each donor and sponsor who makes our work possible, and paid special tribute to two groups — the Champions for Children Society, recognizing donors who have contributed from $100,000 to $1 million, and the International Leaders for Children Society, who have supported ChildFund at more than a million dollar level.

“We recognize you because you realize that so much of what we take for granted — clean and available water, physical and economic mobility, education, basic medical care — is absent in much of the world,” said Anne Lynam Goddard, ChildFund president and CEO.

CBS-6 interviews Anne Lynam Goddard, ChildFund president and CEO.

Although the individual circumstances of every child are unique, and the communities and countries in which they live are often very different, the interventions of donors and sponsors enable children to move from being the victims in a tragic story being told the world over, to one where they are authors of their own, more hopeful narratives.

Thanks to our supporters, children have hope — and a future.

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