Gaining Experience Outside the Classroom

by Kathryn Glushefski, Communications and Public Affairs Intern

The Communications team is in denial as our three terrific interns from Virginia Commonwealth University prepare to depart. They are blogging this week about their ChildFund experience.

My internship at ChildFund International wraps up Friday. Since January, I’ve worked in the Communications and Public Affairs Division while also completing the final requirements for my bachelor’s degree.

Getting hands-on experience with a PR campaign

From my first day, I was welcomed into the ChildFund family and quickly immersed in my assignments. It was exciting. I was finally out of the classroom and applying what I had learned to a real-world situation.

I quickly became acquainted with the Communications team and was also given the opportunity to interview four other ChildFund employees from neighboring departments. Each person I met had a unique story to tell, and I enjoyed writing features about their experiences throughout their careers and with ChildFund.

A considerable amount of my time was spent working on the Power to Play project, which is a unique collection of toys handmade by ChildFund children. ChildFund has developed a public relations campaign around the traveling exhibit. While working on the campaign, I was able to see and touch toys made by children of all ages. It was humbling to say the least. These toys truly illustrate how resourceful and adaptable children are.

For this assignment, I worked closely with Ellie Whinnery, public relations manager, on developing inventories for new exhibit venues and compiling press kits to achieve media coverage.

It was wonderful to work so closely with a campaign. Not only was the work educational and relevant to my career interests, it was truly enjoyable, rewarding and inspirational. This experience has been more than I could have hoped for.

On May 22, I will be graduating with a degree in mass communications and a concentration in public relations. I have no doubt that this opportunity at ChildFund has prepared me for whatever lies in my future.

To everyone I have met and for all that I have learned throughout this journey—thank you!

One response to “Gaining Experience Outside the Classroom

  1. Ellie Whinnery

    Kathryn was a true professional in her work with us. She did a great job assisting us with inventories of toys returned from Atlanta and LA and preparations for the new toy venues in Denver, New York and Idaho this year. A real hands-on experience to say the least. and always with a smile! Thanks Kathryn, you will be truly missed!