Supporting the Mission of ChildFund

by Frances Correa, Communications and Public Affairs Intern

The Communications team is in denial as our three terrific interns from Virginia Commonwealth University prepare to depart. They are blogging this week about their ChildFund experience.

When I started my internship at ChildFund International I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. As a journalism major, I wanted to gain experience in video storytelling in a professional environment. I also had a passion for the ChildFund mission.

Creating videos to help tell the ChildFund story.

In my own personal experiences I have seen what can happen when children, while they have a lot of love in their lives, lack the means necessary to reach their potential because of their environment. I was excited to be a part of this mission of helping excluded and vulnerable children around the world, while also gaining experience.

This is now the last day of my internship. In my time here, I have created videos that tell the stories of children around the world including malaria victims in Africa, young people in Haiti struggling to survive after this year’s earthquake and school programs in the Philippines.

More recently, I created a video about the contributions of one of ChildFund’s more generous donors, Mick Foley. Foley has been a donor and child sponsor since 1992. Some of his most notable contributions include sponsoring seven children as well as funding the construction of an early childhood development center in the Philippines, seven schools in Sierra Leone and a community center in Santa Fe De Laguna, Mexico.

Needless to say, he’s pretty incredible. Working with the video, I felt like I got to know him, and it only fed my passion for ChildFund’s mission.

I have gained more from my internship at ChildFund International than I ever imagined. I have truly honed my skills as a video storyteller while working with an equally passionate group of people who have been nothing but supportive, encouraging and excited.

I love the job so much I’m even going to stick around a little longer. This summer, I will be working as an employee at ChildFund on a temporary basis while I search for full-time employment. (For those of you who are wondering, I am looking for a job in online multimedia journalism in the D.C. metropolitan area.)

Although I cannot stay in a permanent position at ChildFund, I still plan to support the mission. Once I do find stable employment, I will be calling ChildFund to become a child sponsor. After seeing the faces and hearing the stories of these children every week, I can’t help but get involved.

I thank everyone whom I have worked with at ChildFund. I admire the work that you do and I look forward to getting more involved in the future.

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