Thank You ChildFund Sponsors

by Virginia Sowers, Community Manager

Right now more than 100,000 children enrolled in ChildFund programs are eagerly waiting for a sponsor. So, during the month of June, ChildFund is asking its sponsors to help spread the word about child sponsorship.

Last week, I announced the Sponsor-Get-a-Sponsor campaign to ChildFund’s Facebook community.

The wealth of comments and actions taken as a result made our day. So I wanted to share the good karma with all of you:

My family just sponsored another child! I hope others do the same and make that number drop!

A very rewarding way of giving back.

I already sponsor one child…best thing I ever did….I’m thinking about sponsoring another.

YES! I am going to [sponsor] one this weekend. It is a hard process because if I could I would [sponsor] all of them…but tomorrow is the day! I am very excited!!!!

I sponsor 3 children from various parts of the world and the children and their families are all very nice and loving people. I receive letters and news about my children. If you can afford to sponsor a child, you will never regret it!

I have been a sponsor for several years and I can tell you it is one of the most wonderful things I have ever been involved in. To get to know the child, watch their growth and the difference you are making—well, it can’t be adequately described—it must be experienced.

I have 3 precious little ones I sponsor (Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam) and let me tell you–it is one of the most precious things in my life. The letter exchange, the smiles and their happiness is their gift to me. I may be their sponsor, but what they give me is so much more—the warmth and love I receive from them (the entire family) is priceless!!!

If one friend of every FB user sponsored a child…we would have sponsors on a waiting list instead of children : ) (I have met the challenge!)

Will you sponsor a child who is waiting?

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