ChildFund Encourages Afghan Children’s Participation

ChildFund Asia provides this post.

ChildFund Afghanistan is seeking to expand Afghan children’s participation in programs and activities that increase their confidence and understanding of children’s rights.

ChildFund Afghanistan wants to learn from children about their daily experiences of poverty and exclusion by giving them a voice through child-focused program participation.

ChildFund will provide children with a safe environment to examine exclusion due to identity, gender and ethnicity and their understanding and experiences of poverty. Children will be able to express their views about fragile peace and tension between child rights and cultural norms.

Children can talk about violence they may experience. Or they may share about hurdles to education. They also will be able to talk about their daily living conditions, such as whether they are getting enough to eat.

Children will take the lead in developing communications materials, conducting advocacy campaigns and creating development plans for their communities, which they will actively manage and monitor.

The Encouraging Afghan’s Children’s Participation project will give children the opportunity to exercise their substantive rights as citizens. By interacting with peers, family members, community leaders and other stakeholders, children will be exposed to a process of inclusion and recognition — a process seldom upheld under current circumstances in Afghanistan.

ChildFund Afghanistan will also involve families and community leaders in this project with the goal of increasing awareness of child rights and openness to children’s participation.

In turn, children will participate in children’s forums and local child-protection governance bodies so that they are playing an active role in action planning, implementation and policy advocacy in support of children’s participation, child rights and development.

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    Thank you for all that you do for children around the world and giving them a voice as well as helping, guiding and nourishing them.