Progress Is a Good Feeling at ChildFund

by Virginia Sowers, Community Manager

I’m remembering how I used to feel when I got a good report card. I’d practically skip home, eager to show my folks the good grades and bask in their praise.

That happy feeling came back in a rush when I received the Child Annual Progress Report for Darwin, an 11-year-old from Honduras whom my husband and I started sponsoring in January.

Darwin just completed grade four.

Since we’ve just begun exchanging letters, we’re still at that getting-to-know-each-other stage of sponsorship. We have a lot to learn about Darwin’s everyday life.

So it was exciting to receive this latest update from ChildFund Honduras, complete with a new photo of Darwin doing his homework at the kitchen table.

He’s just completed grade four and has above-average achievement. He had a healthy year, which is great news! And we learned that he has broad interests—writing, reading, dancing, singing and playing sports.

When he’s at home, he has house and farm chores. In my next letter, I’ll have to tell him about my childhood summers spent digging thistles from the pastures of our family farm.

The progress report also offers some insights into ChildFund’s work in Darwin’s community. Due to the country’s socio-political crisis that disrupted schools for part of 2009, ChildFund Honduras offered class tutoring and artistic expression activities directed primarily to students with low grades. When classes resumed, they were better prepared to meet academic challenges.

Darwin and his family also benefitted from ChildFund education and training programs during the past year. It was neat to discover that the family had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of growing vegetables and fruit orchards. Plus, they took training in organic agriculture.

These little nuggets of information in the report are all great starting points for more letters to Darwin. I’m so grateful he’s doing well and making progress through ChildFund.

It’s time for me to skip to the post office so that Darwin can soon bask in the praise I’m sending him.

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