A Child a Day Starts with You

by Virginia Sowers, Community Manager

Our child sponsors are an amazing group of globally focused citizens who make a huge difference in the lives of children they support through ChildFund. They are making positive things happen in families and communities every day by supporting children’s health, nutrition, education and well being.

Diego from Guatemala is awaiting a sponsor.

The truth is that we need more sponsors just like them.

Right now, more than 100,000 children live in areas where ChildFund works but lack a one-to-one relationship with a sponsor who writes to them and paves the way for a brighter future through financial and emotional support.

So starting this month, ChildFund is committing to working even harder to tell these children’s stories to people like you who want to take meaningful action. There is no better way to have a lasting impact on the future than to help a child escape the grip of poverty.

For the next several weeks, we’re going to take the ChildFund story to places like Chico and Redding, Calif.; Gainesville, Ft. Myers and Naples, Fla.; Providence, R.I.; New Bedford, Mass.; Rochester and Austin, Minn.; Mason City, Iowa; Albany, Schenectady and Troy, N.Y.; and Milwaukee, Wis.

If you live in these cities, or know someone who does, you’ll be discovering more about ChildFund through TV, radio and newspaper promotions. We’re also inviting a little friendly social media competition among people tweeting and posting on Facebook and blogs from these cities.

Wouldn’t it be terrific if your metropolitan area gained the highest number of new ChildFund sponsors by the time this campaign wraps up in September? Wouldn’t it be incredible to play a vital role in greatly reducing the number of children awaiting sponsors?

You can help make it happen by spreading the word about ChildFund’s One Child a Day campaign through Twitter, Facebook and blog posts and inviting members of your social networks to consider sponsoring a child at just $28 a month.

When tweeting, please be sure to use the Twitter hashtags we’ve developed to track the campaign in each metropolitan market:

  • Chico, Calif.: #1child4Chico
  • Redding, Calif.: #1child4Redding
  • Ft. Meyers, Fla.: #1child4FtMeyers
  • Gainesville, Fla.: #1child4Gainsville
  • Naples, Fla.: #1child4Naples
  • Austin, Minn.: #1child4AustinMN
  • Mason City, Iowa: #1child4MasonCity
  • New Bedford, Mass.: #1child4NewBed
  • Rochester, Minn: #1child4RochMN
  • Albany, N.Y.: #1child4Albany
  • Schenectady, N.Y.: #1child4Schenectady
  • Troy, N.Y.: #1child4Troy
  • Providence, R.I.: #1child4Providence
  • Milwaukee, Wis.: #1child4Milwaukee

Throughout the campaign, we’ll use this blog, Facebook and Twitter to provide fun facts about these great cities, answer frequently asked questions about child sponsorship and issue updates on our goal to welcome at least one new ChildFund sponsor a day from each of these metropolitan areas.

Will you help us get started? We need to spread the word that anyone can change the world — simply by helping one child at a time.

One response to “A Child a Day Starts with You

  1. Best of luck in your upcoming campaign…no cause is more worthy than to help children reach their potential! One child at a time may seem like a tedious way to go about it, but it definitely works.

    I’ve been searching for an organization to “mini-partner” with to donate a small portion of the proceeds of the sale of each copy of my new book…and I think I have found it! I love that you work with children AND their families in this country AND internationally. And, since my passion is the care, education and uplifting of young children, I am especially happy with your commitment to early childhood programs.

    Thank you for all you do…one person (or organization) CAN make a difference in the lives of many.