Where’s ChildFund?

Posters and billboards of ChildFund are popping up around the country. And we need your help in locating them.

The posters are showing up in malls and airports (one was spotted at LAX) and the billboards are currently in the Richmond, Va., area.

When you spot one, be sure to snap a photo of it. Even better, have someone take your picture standing beside the poster and upload it to our Facebook wall or Tweet us (@ChildFund) the photo link. Be among the first 100 people to send in a photo and get a ChildFund wristband.

Be sure to include your name and location. We’ll feature the “Where’s ChildFund?” photos on our social media sites to generate more discussion about the critical needs of children globally.

It’s all part of a public service campaign now under way to raise awareness of ChildFund and the work we do to change the lives of children living in poverty.

Will you help us make the world better for children? It can start with a simple photo to increase awareness of the work we do every day.

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