Education Is Her Future

Reported by ChildFund Asia

Since age 5, Titin, a slight girl with long dark hair, has taken her education seriously. “A good education means bigger opportunities, bringing a good job,” says Titin.


Now 13, she is determined to pursue her schooling to the highest level possible.

Her hard work and diligence means she is one of the top 10 students in her class of 34 pupils. She’s counting on her efforts to result in a good job when she graduates — enabling her to supplement her family’s income.

Born into poverty in Lampung, Sumatra, Titin was five months old when her family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. Like many poor families in Indonesia, Titin’s family sought a better life in the capital city. Yet her family of five lives in a rundown two-room house. Her father is a seasonal laborer and her mother stays at home.

Titin considers herself lucky to be able to go to school, given her family’s precarious situation. The impact of the current global economic crisis means that many children in Indonesia have quit school because their parents cannot afford to send them anymore. About a third of the poorest families in this country can scarcely pay for tuition, uniforms, books and other school materials.

Through ChildFund, Titin has the opportunity to attend school and take extra-curricular courses including English, information technology and drawing. “I also participate in the Child Commission, organized by ChildFund. I have learned about recycling, and I take part in group activities that enhance my leadership and socialization skills,” she adds.

Titin’s mother wants a better life for her daughter than she herself has known. “I see many positive changes in Titin since she is going to school; she is so determined to do well at school. I have to admit, my daughter is now smarter than me. She teaches me English and math.”

Ever focused Titin says, “I love going to school. I study diligently to get good grades so that I will have a good career. I won’t stop learning.”

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  1. Awesome! Keep up the hard work and I hope in the long run, you achieve your dreams! Every child deserves to at least have the opportunity of having a dream.