The Greatest Job in the World

by Jessi Hanson, Education Associate, ChildFund Program Quality

Traveling to the field is never a simple experience for a ChildFund employee. Yet for me, this trip has been particularly adventurous. First, I traveled from Richmond, Va., to Chicago only to discover that the airline had canceled our connecting flight to Miami minutes before.

They put me on the next flight to Miami that night, which was a struggle since there was an entire plane full of stranded passengers. I was lucky enough to land at Miami International minutes before my plane to Brazil departed. One of our lead staff had to hold the plane, literally standing at the door saying, “Don’t shut it! She is on her way now!” I raced through two terminals to just make it on to the long flight to Belo Horizonte, where our Brazil national office is located. However my checked bag was lost, but at least it got a free trip around the world. In total I traveled nearly 22 hours for a trip that should have taken only 11.

Two days after arriving in Brazil, I was picked up by Flavia and Gilberto, who work in our Brazil office. We set off on an 8-hour drive to the small town of Turmalina, located near the tree forests of Minas Gerais. It was a lovely trip, and we listened to lively Brazilian music. Flavia and Gilberto tried to teach this gringa some basic Portuguese so that I could get around on my own.

Gilberto to the rescue.

All seemed to be going well when suddenly we heard a flap, bang, flap, flap. Gilberto pulled the car over to find the front tire popped, and we were in the middle of nowhere — 30 kilometers from the nearest town or village.

Suddenly Gilberto transformed into a super hero, pulling out the spare tire hidden beneath the 10 Intel netbook computers that we were carrying for the project and Flavia’s 50-pound suitcase (the girl knows how to travel). It took a good 40 minutes in the heat to change the tire, but then we were off. The spare was old, so we had to stop in a small tourist town along the way. I am used to tire repairs being quick, so I was not expecting the three-hour Brazilian repair! Our 8-hour trip turned into yet another epic adventure.

We’re now safely in the field, engaged in the first week of the project that should last about 21 days. I think I will need a vacation from this trip, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I work with my colleagues and the children, I know that I have one of the greatest jobs in the world!

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