Consider Sponsoring a Child in the United States

For many U.S. children, the gap between the storied American dream and the hard reality of their day-to-day lives seems unbridgeable. The current economic crisis is creating even more pressure on already struggling families as they seek to feed, clothe and shelter their children.

Just as ChildFund is committed to improving the lives of children in other countries, we’ve also been at work for more than 50 years in America. Our work has taken us to some of the most impoverished U.S. communities, assisting children and families from diverse populations in South Dakota, North Dakota, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.

Statistics from these states are sobering:

  • Child poverty rates as high as 67 percent in South Dakota
  • Teen birth rates at 83 per 1,000 in Texas
  • Poor nutrition/obesity at 44 percent in Mississippi
  • School dropout rates at more than 50 percent
  • Suicide rates at twice the national average

ChildFund partners with affiliate grassroots organizations that have an intimate understanding of the local community and the needs of children. Our programs are focused on early childhood development, after-school and summer enrichment activities, youth engagement and leadership, cultural arts and restoration of cultural identity, preventive health education and activities, and also parent education to help promote healthy child development.

Yet, more help is needed to break the cycle of poverty in our own backyard.

The cost to sponsor a child in the U.S. is $35 per month, (a bit higher than for other countries in which ChildFund works due to higher costs of providing services here at home).

For more information about U.S. child sponsorship, call 800-776-6767, or visit the child sponsorship section of our website. Do a search under “USA.” (FYI: We don’t show online photographs of U.S. children to protect their privacy and ensure their safety).

Many children in the U.S. are waiting for you to say “yes” to sponsorship.

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