Gifts of Love and Hope for a Bright Friday

by Virginia Sowers, ChildFund Community Manager

Spending Black Friday at the big-box store or local mall has become a post-Thanksgiving tradition for many Americans eager to get a jump-start on holiday shopping.

But it can also be a bit harried…getting up at o-dark-thirty for that special bargain in limited quantities, navigating a crowded parking lot, hurrying to be first in line.

Let me suggest a brighter alternative — shop for meaningful gifts from ChildFund’s Gifts of Love and Hope catalog. A special card will be sent in your name to the gift recipients on your list.

Just think how pleased they will be to know you took time to honor them with a gift that helps children in practical and lasting ways.

The gifts are unique, and each comes with a guarantee that the item you select will be used exactly as described in the catalog—whether that’s to improve the nutrition of young children and income for their families or to provide learning and development toys for a school.

A few samples to help get your shopping started:

  • Item #49475: Sheep for a family in the Gambia ($86)
  • Item #49465: Eight ducks for a family in Indonesia ($57)
  • Item #49689: Softball for a child in the U.S. ($6)
  • Item #49555: Mosquito net for a child in Uganda ($11)
  • Item # 49635: Water tank for a family in Mexico ($132)
  • Item #49563: Creative workshop for a child in the Caribbean ($31)

Please visit our online catalog to view our full selection of special gifts. It’s a shopping experience sure to brighten your Friday, and that light will spread across the world.

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