Letters, Pictures, Visits and Sponsorship

Guest post by Dan Tearpock, ChildFund Sponsor

For nearly 17 years, I have had the greatest pleasure to be a sponsor, a padrino to a number of special children through ChildFund International. From a little girl in Mexico to a special child in South Dakota, I have dedicated both time and money to change the lives of children in need, one child at a time. The future of our planet depends on the children of today.

Too many children around the world live in poverty and broken homes. They are in need of vital medical services, as well as a sound education. Education is one of the key, intrinsic factors required to free a child from the bonds of poverty. Education can provide the tools for children to advance emotionally and economically from their current position of deprivation to one of hope, promise and a brighter future.

Child sponsorship is really a two-way street. I, for one, have found that working through ChildFund to help deprived, vulnerable and excluded children provides a sound benefit to the children and a rewarding experience for me. A sponsor’s degree of participation in this program, and with their sponsored children, is limited only by the sponsor’s level of desired involvement. On one end of the spectrum, sponsors can send in their monthly donation and leave it at that. On the opposite end of the spectrum, sponsors can exchange letters and pictures with their sponsored children, send gifts, provide for special medical needs such as braces, and even visit the children, either through a ChildFund study tour or on their own by working with ChildFund staff.

Dan joins a study tour to visit sponsored children in a mountain village near Oaxaca, Mexico.

It’s difficult to describe what it is like to visit my sponsored children in their home environment, meet their families, exchange smiles and photographs and celebrate special days such as Christmas or a child’s birthday. I can assure you that besides the many smiles that everyone shares, there are many tears of joy in seeing each sponsored child, as well as tears of sadness when it is time to part.

Dan and his daughter, Nicole (r) celebrate their sponsored child Noemi's 18th birthday.

I have visited many of my sponsored children both through study tours and on my own through arrangements by ChildFund. Each experience is a special moment in time, not only for the children, but for me as well. There are few experiences in life that can compare to time spent with my sponsored children.

There is no doubt that ChildFund is truly helping children in its programs, as well as their families, to combat the many hardships that an impoverished life has unfortunately cradled upon them. From medical services to a hardy breakfast, from after-school care to computer training, from needed education to a loving sponsor, ChildFund provides a light of hope for many children who might have no other source of survival.

Become a sponsor—experience the feeling—and save a child!

One response to “Letters, Pictures, Visits and Sponsorship

  1. Cheryl Reynolds

    Dan Tearpock is a very kind and generous man. I applaud all of the effort he has given to helping children in need. I know this brings his heart much joy to see the beautiful smiles of the children he has sponsored over the years!