2010: A Year of Hope and Dreams

by Lee Steinour, ChildFund Communications Coordinator

In 2010, ChildFund changed lives in 31 countries across the world — from Afghanistan to Zambia, from the American southwest to Bolivia. With the generous support of sponsors and donors, we have been able to provide food, water, shelter, education and skills training to children and families who live in poverty.

Brenda, Susantha, Hassane, Lokoel and Emily with Blanca

We met some amazing young people who have experienced great deprivation in their lives, yet they are rays of hope for our global society. We’ve also become happily acquainted with successful alumni from ChildFund programs and some incredible child sponsors who’ve shared their experiences. In case you missed their compelling stories, here’s a quick recap of just a few of the memorable faces from this year.

Brenda: A 13-year-old girl from Guatemala worries about the safety of children in her community. Through a ChildFund program she is sharing her ideas with adults on how they can work together to build a better future.

Susantha: A 17-year-old boy from Sri Lanka learns leadership skills through a ChildFund youth group. He says the group has changed his life, given him confidence and made him realize he can truly dream big.

Hassane: This pre-teen used to be ashamed of his family’s poverty and was frequently sick. Access to better farming equipment and agricultural education through ChildFund has allowed his family to earn a living and respect in the community.

Lokoel: Life was never easy for this young boy growing up in Kenya. But through letters from his ChildFund sponsor he became interested in a career in medicine, and found a future in helping others.

Emily: This recent college grad and ChildFund sponsor faithfully wrote her sponsored child Blanca for 13 years before she was able to keep her promise to visit.

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