Want to Build Some Fun in Afghanistan?

by Virginia Sowers, ChildFund Community Manager

Children are running out of safe places to play in Afghanistan, and we’re asking ChildFund’s Facebook fans to take action.

This week we’ve launched a Facebook-exclusive Fund a Project to build a new playground in a rural Afghanistan village.

Imagine the smiles on the children’s faces when a barren field becomes a fun gathering place, complete with a slide, swing, see-saw and jungle gym. The new community playground will serve approximately 400 children from 150 families.

Whether Facebook fans have $10, $20 or $100 to contribute to the $3,571 project goal, these individual gifts become part of a unified effort to make a tangible difference in the lives of children whose lives have been upended by war.

Given the great conversations about child sponsorship happening on ChildFund’s Facebook wall every day, we’re excited to offer you an opportunity to engage more fully in ChildFund’s work globally.

In addition to the Afghanistan project, our new Facebook welcome page provides fans with an overview of the organization through FAQs and the ChildFund blog, and it opens the door to our YouTube channel and Twitter community.

Won’t you join us on Facebook and help build some fun?

2 responses to “Want to Build Some Fun in Afghanistan?

  1. The playground will be located near a school. ChildFund is already at work in the community, which is currently secure.

  2. Great idea for a project! How will the playground be kept safe?