ChildFund Kenya Women Lead Donation Effort to Help Fire Victims

by Joan Ng’ang’a, Communications Officer, ChildFund Kenya

ChildFund Kenya Mukuru fire

ChildFund Kenya National Director Victor Koyi and members of the Kenya office staff present their donations to the enrolled families.

To mark the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day on March 8, the women of ChildFund Kenya led the office in responding to the fire tragedy that occurred last week in the Fuata Nyayo area of our Mukuru Integrated Program.

We coordinated collections of food, clothing, bedding and household utensils. We then delivered the items to ChildFund-enrolled children and families at St. Catherine’s primary school.

ChildFund Kenya

Victor Koyi addresses the group.

ChildFund Kenya National Director Victor Koyi joined us to deliver the donations to St. Catherine’s. Victor spoke to the group and particularly encouraged the women present to take leadership not only on the home front but also in matters of their livelihoods and the health and education of their children.

The ChildFund Kenya team talked with and listened to children and caregivers (the majority of whom were women) who had suffered losses. Children played and socialized and they also received a snack donated by one of ChildFund Kenya’s service providers.

Additionally, ChildFund Kenya through the Mukuru Integrated Program redirected about US$10,000 to address the priority needs of children and parents recovering from the fires.

A team from the Kenya national office conducted a rapid needs assessment March 2 immediately following the fire outbreak. The following needs were identified:

  • food
  • clothing
  • shelter
  • bedding
  • scholastic support
  • household utensils
  • trauma counseling.
ChildFund Kenya

A parent, whose home was lost in the fire, receives a donation of clothing for the family.

The redirected funds are purchasing blankets, cooking pots and mattresses for families enrolled in ChildFund programs. We’ve also set up Child Centered Spaces at the distribution site, with ongoing activities to address psychosocial needs. These activities focus on play therapy with drawing, games, poetry and singing.

Other ChildFund service providers, including Techno Relief, donated 500 plates and spoons to the affected families. The response to this emergency has been tremendous — both locally from our service providers and from ChildFund’s regional and international offices. We thank each one for their support and well wishes.

If you wish to make a contribution, the ChildAlert Emergency Fund is designed to assist with these types of emergencies in our program areas.

3 responses to “ChildFund Kenya Women Lead Donation Effort to Help Fire Victims

  1. Lameck Asava

    Keep up the good work ChildFund. Initiatives like these make me feel proud to be a member of the ChildFund family.

  2. Bravo to ChildFund Kenya for coming through when mopst needed by the community!

  3. Alfrick Kiptanui

    Congratulation ChildFund team for making women’s day a treasured moment for the many lives of Kenyan children affected by the fire incident in Mukuru Program. Long live ChildFund