A National Celebration of ChildFund Sponsors in Brazil

Reporting by ChildFund Brazil and Monica Planas, ChildFund Americas Regional Communications Manager

Today marks ChildFund Brazil’s nationwide celebration of Sponsor’s Day — a day filled with special meaning for the many sponsors and currently or formerly sponsored children who have been touched by ChildFund’s programs in Brazil. Thanks to the expansion of ChildFund’s presence around the country, thousands of children now have the opportunity to improve their lives.

photo of sponsorship poster

Child Sponsorship Day in Brazil

That expansion is partly because people from all walks of life are celebrating the day by spreading the word that sponsoring a child is one of the best investments anyone can make.

Well-known blogger Cris Guerra is one of them. She has been sponsoring a child through ChildFund for nine years. “It’s awesome and very easy to be a sponsor for a child,” Guerra says. “I had the opportunity to travel to the town of the child I sponsor and to meet him face-to-face. His mother came toward me crying, thankful that I’d been the sponsor of her son. The hug of that child, and also learning a little more of his life history, provoked an emotion that I can’t describe. At the moment that I met them personally, I had an idea of the help that I am bringing to that family. Being a sponsor makes a difference.”

That’s true for 11-year-old sponsored child Robert, who lives near Belo Horizonte. “I take part in computer, sport, [drawing] and dance classes,” he says. “It’s very rewarding because it keeps me busy and off the streets.”

Robert’s mother, Vicentina, is sure that without ChildFund’s support his life would be tougher. “I do hemodialysis three times a week,” she says, “and on those days I know I can go to the treatment lighthearted, because my son is benefiting from ChildFund’s program activities.”

Zé Teixeira, a 46-year-old father of two, is proud of having been a sponsored child in the past. He was one of eight brothers. “Things could have been much worse for us,” he says, “but some of my brothers and I had the privilege of taking part in ChildFund’s programs, which improved our living conditions.”

Nowadays, Teixeira is a musician, a music producer and civil servant. Last month his own mother had the joy of being in a position to support a child enrolled in the ChildFund project. “ChildFund’s work is essential because it fills the gap of socio-economic discrepancy, rescuing marginalized families,” she says.

ChildFund’s national director for Brazil, Gerson Pacheco, speaks to the benefits of the sponsorship relationship itself. “Many stories and different lifestyles are shared, and experiences, advice and encouragement are exchanged,” he says. “The sponsor has the opportunity of both contributing to and following his sponsored child’s development. When donating a small amount, a citizen supports social projects that benefit children, families and communities. And the effect is reciprocal.”

To Ana Maria Carvalho, having the opportunity to help a child is wonderful. “It has been about one year that I have sponsored a 6-year-old child,” she says. “I’d been influenced by my daughter to sponsor this child, and today I see how important my contribution is. I encourage all Brazilians who have means to help to take part in helping, and contact ChildFund and sign up.”

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