Sponsorship Made Selfnesh ‘Different Today’

by ChildFund Ethiopia

Photo of Selfnesh in Ethiopia

Selfnesh, 12, stands outside her family's house. (Jake Lyell Photography)

Five years ago, Selfnesh lived in a one-room house with her family about 65 miles outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. That single room served many purposes — kitchen, bedroom, living space and covered shelter for the family’s cattle.

Like many others in the Sodo Buee Child and Family Development Association, with whom ChildFund partners, Selfnesh’s family are subsistence farmers. On their small parcel of land, they grow false banana trees, which provide the family’s main source of food. The false banana is a common source of nourishment for this area, and community members prepare bread and porridge from the root part of the tree. Because this meager farming is not enough for Selfnesh’s family’s basic needs, her father has sometimes found work as a guard, earning 400 birr, or about $23.50, a month.

But life changed for Selfnesh five years ago when her family learned about ChildFund and enrolled Selfnesh in community programs. Before long, Selfnesh had a sponsor.

Now 12, Selfnesh is attending school and making new discoveries every day. Even better, she gets to share these learning experiences with her elder sister, Meselu, who got the opportunity to attend school for the first time when Selfnesh became enrolled — ChildFund programs benefit the entire family.

And with extra financial support from Selfnesh’s sponsor, the family has built a sheet metal house. “Now I can say we have a house, which is built from better materials, and has three rooms: bedroom, kitchen and living room,” exclaims Selfnesh. “Now we are not in the same room with our livestock.”

Selfnesh holds one of her family's goats. (Jake Lyell Photography)

ChildFund also provided the family with an ox, two cows and an expectant goat. “Now we also drink milk and sell some to get income out of it,” Selfnesh says. “Our goats are multiplied from one to three,” she adds gleefully.

Selfnesh also has something else she’s happy about — a nest egg. Using some of the money sent by her sponsor for special occasions through the years, Selfnesh opened a savings account, and proudly reports a tidy sum. She plans to use the money only when she and her family have an urgent need. She adds: “Thanks to my sponsor and ChildFund — who made us different today.”

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