Give Priority for Children in Africa

Guest post by Dinis

Dinis, 13, is the children’s representative from Mozambique’s Gondola district where ChildFund operates. Last week, he addressed government officials at the African Child Policy Forum, which examined how African governments are performing with regard to budgeting for children’s needs.

Group shot of forum attendees

Dinis (far right) joins discussions at African Child Policy Forum.

Children need more budget. The schools we have are not enough. Not only are our schools far away from home, they are without any [restroom] facilities. Students are crowded in class but teachers are few.

We children are exposed to abuse because our schools are far from our homes. Girls face rape [when they walk far distances], and boys are forced to do farming around home [instead of attending school].

Boy at conference

Dinis speaks at the African Child Policy Forum, held in collaboration with the Chissano Foundation and ChildFund.

All these problems are because the government didn’t budget enough for us. It is time for government to give us priority and budget for us. We need to be educated to receive tomorrow’s Mozambique.

Increase our school facilities and the number of teachers. Please put emphasis on quality education, train our parents and include the disabled.

Thank you.

3 responses to “Give Priority for Children in Africa

  1. As staff of Save the Children, an organization who has been working with the Child Parliament in Gondola since 2006 we are glad to see that these children are now so fluent and represent so well the children who have elected them. It makes us feel that our work is worthy. Thank you for creating this opportunity to these children and for sharing this experience and thanx to Evelyn for crediting us, the crediting goes to the children.

    Lurdes Lindo

  2. Evelyn Munotengua

    This is very interesting and its a pride to Mozambique to have children cultured to speak out. How I wish we could have more girl children who speak out like this for themselves because they have their own problems that boys will never suffer. Those problems, heard directly from the mouth of the victim, gets to the ears of the listener more clear and with the natural punch they hold.Congratulations Dinis!T hanks to Lurdes, Vegove and ChildFund and others for promoting the Child Parliament.


  3. Dinis spoke for most of the children in Africa facing similar challenges. Its a shame that the children of the richest continent on earth are facing such situations. This should dwarf all of us as leaders. This wake-up call from Dinis and others who spoke before him should not only be listened to but act to give our children hope for a better future.