Sharing My Harvest

by Cynthia Price, ChildFund Director of Communications

lettuceI’ve been eating a salad each night this week, and what makes it so tasty is that the lettuce comes straight from my garden. I also toss in peppers and carrots fresh from the garden.

I take my garden for granted. If it doesn’t rain, I simply turn on the irrigation system.

In the Horn of Africa, however, when the rains don’t come, there is no irrigation system to turn on. There is no grocery store to go to. And so the worst drought in 60 years now threatens more than 13 million people.

But ChildFund is helping by bringing food and medicine to those in need.

  • A $26 donation will provide fruit and vegetables for a family for a week.
  • A $155 donation will provide 150 packets of nutritional supplements.

My garden has decreased my grocery bill. I’m taking the savings and making sure children in the Horn of Africa get fruits and vegetables.

If you would like to help, too, you can make a tax-deductible donation to ChildFund’s ChildAlert Emergency Fund.

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