The Joy I Get From Receiving a Christmas Card

by Cate, a sponsored child in Kiboga Area, Uganda

Inspired by the card she recently received from her sponsor, Cate penned this poem.

poem by CateAll of us were born to celebrate our birthdays,
But there is one birthday that we all celebrate,
That one of Jesus Christ
Oh, how good it feels to celebrate Christmas.
Gifts of love we receive from our loved ones,
Christmas cards and beautiful messages
from friends and family.
Every year as a must I receive a very special Christmas card,
Before December 25th I receive my special card,
From that one person who never forgets me.
It is always has beautiful designs and lovely messages
And it brings me so much joy
It is from my sponsor.
Every year I wait and wait with open arms,
For that Xmas card that shows me that,
My sponsor David cares about me,
And even when my family doesn’t give me a card,
I really never mind because I know
My sponsor will send me a card.

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