Liberia Recognizes ChildFund’s Role in Child Protection

by Emmanuel Ford, ChildFund Liberia

certificateChildFund Liberia has received a certificate of appreciation from the Liberian Ministry of Gender and Development’s Child Protection Network.

ChildFund was recognized for its moral, technical and financial support of the work of the Senate Committee on Gender Equity and Child Development, the Child Protection Network of Liberia, the Liberia Children’s Parliament and for assistance with passage of the Children’s Act. Other organizations receiving the Certificate of Appreciation included Save the Children, Plan Liberia and a few local federations.

children holding signs

Children seek a better future.

Following the awards ceremony, ChildFund participated in the Liberia Children’s Festival hosted by UNICEF, with support from the Embassy of Egypt. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who attended the celebration of children’s rights, made a special plea to the nation’s youth, many of whom remain involved in gangs and violence following years of civil war in the country.

“Once you make up your minds to leave those bad things,” she said, “we, too, will be willing to help. The future is in your hands. Those of you who want to go to school, we as a government will send you to school.”

President of Liberia

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf visits with ChildFund.

President Sirleaf also visited the information booths set up at the festival by ChildFund and other agencies providing assistance to children in Liberia. At ChildFund’s booth, the president met with George D. Toe, community services worker, who provided an overview of ChildFund’s services.

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  1. Congratulations ChildFund, and keep up the great work!