Change Children’s Lives by Leaps and Bounds

by LaTasha Chambers, Communications Associate

2012 is a Leap Year. That means today, Feb. 29, is a bonus. For many of us, the extra 24 hours will go unnoticed, but for children across the globe this means another day of hunger, exploitation or even death from a preventable disease.

Your involvement can help change that.

Leap Year frogTo celebrate a day that comes once only every four years, ChildFund invites you to take a hop, jump or a leap in the direction of helping a child.

A hop is a one-time donation to our Children’s Greatest Needs fund, which delivers programs to help children with everyday and emergency situations. Whatever dollar amount you give is combined with other donors’ gifts to provide essential services that children lack.

Perhaps you have a special interest in nutrition, water or health care projects? If so, then jump into monthly giving, with options for directing your gift amount and its end result.

Or, you can take the leap and sponsor a child into young adulthood.
A sponsorship of $28 each month ($35 for a child in our U.S. programs) changes children’s lives by giving them an opportunity to thrive and break the cycle of poverty. Sponsors have the unique opportunity to connect with a child through letters and photos.

Let’s not wait another four years to make even the smallest step toward ending child poverty. Take a leap toward positive change today!

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