Fashion Forward for ChildFund Brazil

Reporting by Luza Marinho, ChildFund Brasil

model wears T-Shirt

Cris Guerra models the new Victor Dzenk-designed T-shirt. Sales will benefit ChildFund Brasil’s programs. Photo: Luíza Villarroel

Spring fashion week in Minas Gerais, Brazil, took on an added dimension this year with the much-anticipated release of a T-shirt designed by Victor Dzenk. Proceeds from sales of the shirt will benefit children in ChildFund programs.

More than 200 journalists, designers and fashion followers turned out to preview the noted Brazilian designer’s 2013 summer collection. The show included the release of the special T-shirt. Internationally known for his avant-garde prints, Dzenk is also focused on social responsibility.

group photo of Photovoice project members

Cris Guerra and Victor Dzenk support the youth photography project. Photo: Agência Fotosite

“Last year in Rio de Janeiro, we created a T-shirt for the breast cancer foundation with a pink bow. It was beautiful and a great success! We want to repeat [that success] working with children from ChildFund Brasil,” he said. “ChildFund Brasil is a serious and respected organization. It is very gratifying to add beauty and an art project.”

celebrity at fashion show

Gloria Kalil at the fashion show. Photo: Jorge Quintão

Celebrities such as fashion consultant Gloria Kalil and members of the national and world press became acquainted with ChildFund’s mission, while snapping up the designer shirts. Fashion model and blogger Cris Guerra shared with the audience her experience of nearly 10 years as a ChildFund sponsor. Her stories about Fernando, her sponsored child, touched everyone.

The event also featured a special exhibit of photos taken by photographer Luíza Villarroel and students in the ChildFund-supported Photovoice project. A few days before the fashion show, the students had the incredible opportunity of photographing Guerra—sporting the Dzenk T-shirt—in their own community of Sierra Cluster.

model against stone wall

Scenes from the street. Photo: Luíza Villarroel

Seeming unaffected by the glamor of the moment, the student photographers lost no time in determining the shots they needed and then capturing street scenes with Cris as their focal point.

boys with cameras

Students in the Photovoice project. Photo: ChildFund Brasil

The Photovoice project teaches children and youth how to use photos, videos and other communication techniques to express their views and their voices. The 2012 workshops are focusing on social identity as revealed through self-portraits and portraits of community residents—capturing life histories, recording the daily life of students and exchanging “looks” and experiences.

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