One Child in Vietnam

Guest post by Tom Greenwood via ChildFund Australia

Thao is an only child. She lives with her parents and grandparents and attends ChildFund-supported Vi Huong preschool.

child ready for nap

Children prepare for an after lunch sleep at Vi Huong preschool, Bac Kan province, Vietnam.

In Thao’s preschool class there are 15 children (12 boys and three girls). Altogether, there are 122 children in the preschool.

The preschool is a 2-minute walk away from her home. She likes it because she has friends there and she enjoys playing. Her favorite thing is the slide.

Thao’s mother, Yen, says: “I’m very happy because when Thao goes to school she has a chance to play with toys and meet her friends. It makes her more active and improves her knowledge. The teachers are so nice and kind. They consider the children like their own.

children eating lunch

A teacher serves lunch at Vi Huong preschool.

“I ask Thao about her day and she tells me what she ate. She says, ‘Mum, the food is really delicious!’”

Her favorite food is beansprouts and sweet rice.

Thao and classmates wash their hands.

When Thao grows up she wants to be a doctor so she can cure sick people.

She is one child in Vietnam who is already poised to make a difference.

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