ChildFund Projects Up Close in Zambia

Jake Lyell, photojournalist and videographer, provides a behind-the-scenes view as he travels to southern Africa to document the needs of the people of Zambia and report on the successes of ChildFund projects in the area. Enjoy the video.

6 responses to “ChildFund Projects Up Close in Zambia

  1. i have problems feedind my owen kids right here n america . i have to work so many hours just to keep my children eating.i get up at 330am and this is all i get to watch is how bad those kids are doing . my son is paralized with spinalbifaida and in a wheelchair .its all i can do as a father to take care of them.i just wish ur spokes people would realize there are people right here in our owen country going without.

  2. A beautiful and heart-warming piece. Thank you for sharing Jake!

  3. nkotsana hamooya

    its a good job man and so inspiring.. keep it up!

  4. samuel luyima

    hullo jake thats some good work.keep it up