ChildFund Supporters Pool Resources to Change the World

by Virginia Sowers, ChildFund Community Manager

About a year ago, ChildFund launched Fund a Project to spotlight several pending projects around the world that, when funded, would improve the lives of children and their communities.

The idea was to provide an easy way for donors to contribute a little or a lot toward their favorite project, whether that was helping build playgrounds, grow community gardens or establish a goat herd. Banding together these groups of donors—whose individual members will probably never know each other—have fully funded eight projects to date.

Let’s celebrate their successes:

Ten donors chipped in a collective $2,685 to provide dairy goats to rural Kenyan families. The goats are a sustainable, renewable resource, providing much-needed supplemental nutrition for children.

In Zambia, $41,083, contributed by six people, is providing bed nets and malaria education to significantly reduce the incidence of this deadly disease.

Five supporters gave a total of $2,857 to provide water pumps benefiting 15 families in rural regions of Timor Leste. The pumps will offer better access to a clean-water source.

Twelve donors put up $28,400 to build community health huts in Senegal to help combat malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Thirty-six supporters raised $25,000 for wells and water pumps for the Busia district of Uganda. These fresh water sources will reduce waterborne diseases and make water more accessible to 600 people.

In South Dakota, $5,682, donated by 33 people, will be used to grow six community gardens, improving the nutrition of some 200 children.

Four donors united to provide $25,670 for a community risk-prevention program to help children on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

To expand the successful Pamoja child-nutrition project in Kenya, nine supporters gave $18,648. The expanded program will supplement the nutritional needs and reduce the levels of malnutrition in preschool children within the Mukuru settlement.

Amazing things are happening for children through ChildFund’s Fund a Project. Won’t you join us?

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